Je cherche une aventure

It might seem that not a lot has been happening in the realm of Carina's photography, but I can assure you, that is not the case. The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me, working on my wedding photography business, a few commercial shoots, working extra hours, and planning whats next. What is next?

Tomorrow for instance, I leave for France.

I will be away almost the entire month of May. I'm bringing several rolls of film, the hasselblad, and my digital camera. More than half of the time I spend there will be on a farm in Julio, St-Vincent d'Olargues, about an hour outside of Montpellier. We are also renting a car to drive back to Paris, stopping in a handful of villages along the way for 4 days, then spending the remaining 3-4 days in Paris.

Everything I am bringing fits in my backpack, as I hope to not have to check my bag. It's going to be an interesting month, and I'm pretty excited to go.

Tomorrow morning will be spent doing some last minute work at the studio and then I leave the business to Amanda for the rest of the month. Who, by the way, if you need to contact us about photography, will be answering my e-mails. You can contact her directly at

See you in a month.