North 5th Street

More playground photos to add to my collection. Once I hit up a few more, I'll put together a collection for display. Look for a gallery opening possibly in the fall.

5th street is home to one of my favorite abandoned warehouses. Across the street is this playground. Like most Philadelphia playgrounds, it is rarely used. Much of the jungle-gym is rusting away, covered in graffiti. The theme of abandoned childhood stands out to me. We live in a world that scolds kids for being kids, and we are forced with the reality that we do not live in a safe place, we must grow up. There's no room to be child-like. No laughing, no jump rope, no running around the pool side. Most of what I hear from my window are angry parents scolding children, and the only fun kids seek out is scheming about what they can get away with without getting caught by the police.

These playground shots are my ode to this abandonment.