Finally an update!

Wow, so this summer has been crazy busy for me so far. And its a good thing! Amidst all of the shooting, editing, and preparing our new studio... I decided it was time to update my well out-dated portfolio with new work. Finally, it is here! I removed the "portraits" gallery and in place separated my work into "commercial" and "fine art" work. I probably could have gone further into categorizing my work (i.e. architecture, product work, portraits, landscapes).. but that seemed like too many different places to click. So each gallery has a slew of different types of photography I've done, and I'm ok with that.

Please check them out!

An Introduction to the new Studio

Here is the big news I was talking of earlier: We have a new studio! And it's huge! Last night was day 1 of working on it. Amanda and I spackled the walls over the joints while Tim sanded down the pillars. Emily and Cassidy started scraping off the lead paint from the wall where the windows were, and Boris (the bulldog) kept us company.

The new studio is located in a warehouse on Allegheny and Amber streets. We're spending the next few weeks to work on the space before we officially move in, and I am super excited to have the most space ever to photograph in!

Here are a few shots we took collectively last night:






I hadn't posted much a few weeks ago because I was working on a number of projects that I deemed unnecessary to post about... and I was out and about alot, not in the studio. In the last few weeks I went camping, and halloween happened (among other things: world series, phillies winning, riots and parades in my city).


Siobhan as Frank Zappa