Fuji Bike's Classic Catalogue

I just received my copy of the Fuji Bike's Classic Catalogue and I'm stoked about it! My scans aren't the greatest ever, but you get the idea: fuji2



The super exciting part is that nearly all of the photographs in the catalogue are mine! Aside from a few stock photos of Philadelphia and the in-studio product shots of the bikes, my photos are all over it! Yeah!

The East Coast

"Schmap!!" now displays one of my photos to represent the Fairmount Horticultural Center on their East Coast interactive map [link]. Here is the image that was selected:

Since 1979, the Horticultural Center has augmented the variety of its botanical life by collecting seeds from Asia, Europe, and the West Indies. Permanent and seasonal plantings display over 2,000 examples of flora. The center is located in Fairmount Park. On the grounds there is a Shofuzo-a reproduction of a 17th-Century Japanese middle-class house and Japanese garden.

Print Exchange; the letter Dd

I'm a part of a print exchange featuring 26 artists. The theme is the alphabet, each of us being assigned a letter. I have D.

At some point, the letters are going to be on display at The Last Drop coffee shop in Philadelphia (more details on that later).

Also, a print exchange I was involved in last year (The 50 states) is going to be shown before the movies at Ritz theaters. This will be during the next month or two.