This land is my land. pt 3

Finally I have some real photos to present from my travels. These are photos taken with my medium format camera (that's right, with film!). I tried really to narrow them down, but in my opinion, there were just too many good ones that I have to show more than just a few. Lets start off with my road trip partners: Dan Gauthier and Kim Hall. This was taken at a diner on old rt.66 in New Mexico:


New Mexico (old rt.66)

rt_03sm.jpg Abandoned Motel in New Mexico (old rt.66)

rt_04sm.jpg The Petrified Forest in Arizona

rt_05sm.jpg Cactus Field (I believe in Arizona)

rt_06sm.jpg San Diego, La Jolla Beach

rt_07sm.jpg San Diego, La Jolla Beach

rt_08sm.jpg San Luis Obispo

rt_09sm.jpg San Luis Obispo

rt_10sm.jpg Elephant Seals on the coast

rt_11sm.jpg San Francisco

rt_12sm.jpg Abandoned House in northern California

rt_13sm.jpg Portland, Oregon

rt_14sm.jpg Rest Stop (not exactly sure where, probably South Dakota), and my favorite image from the whole trip. I see it almost as a self portrait.

Of course there are many more photographs from the trip. These are what I decided to bring back with me.

There is a reason behind why I take any photograph. Something clicks (pun intended). I undergo an experience with each scene/person/object, one that I choose to share and keep. These types images right here are my art that I am expanding on. These are not what I get paid to do, rather, these are what I have a passion for. There is a distinct air about them. And I believe it to be what I hold inside myself, my personality, my way of life. It's how I see things, and how I want to be seen. I can't be sure that any of my readers will understand what I'm trying to say, but I will say it all the same.