This land is yours, this land is mine.

From March 1-16, I will be traveling across the country on a road trip of sorts. Me and two friends, a musician and a film-maker, are heading out by ways of the south to California, and back again by the northern route, stopping to pick up another friend on the way home. For myself, this is going to be a exercise in documentary/scenic photography. For the past year I've been training myself to take in more of my surroundings, compositionally and aesthetically. As seen in my portraits, my backgrounds often frame my subjects. I take backgrounds very seriously, paying attention to even the smallest detail. But often times, without an individual being my subject, I find myself lost in depth of the composition. Lately I feel I've been improving my scenery photographs, and this trip is going to be the next step in pushing myself further.

I'm a firm believer that life experiences mature us as individuals. In my case, as an artist, I take photos based on my own personality and life. As I experience new things, my photos grow, open new doors, and take new turns. I feel that I need to keep going down the path of growth, so that my photographs can re-invent themselves as I also re-invent myself. I could probably talk a great deal about who I've become as I've grown in the past few years since I've been a photographer, but I'll save that for discussing in person with those who wish to hear.

So as I'm away, driving across the United States, I will be photographing what I believe to be my next serious body of work, maybe something that I will show for my next gallery opening. I will (tentatively) be exploring parts of Memphis, Arizona (the Petrified Forests), San Diego, Mexico, LA, San Luis, San Francisco, The Great Redwoods, Portland, Idaho, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, The Badlands, Minneapolis, and anywhere in between.

For anyone who needs to contact me for information about weddings or portraits, please send all inquires and e-mails to Amanda Jaffe while I am away. Here is her contact info: email
(215) 840-2509

(this is a photo from last march, when me and Amanda went to Las Vegas, The Hoover Dam, and The Grand Canyon)