Aug 25-26; Centralia and Knoebels road trip

A friend and I embarked on a short road trip to discover some of central pennsylvania's little hid-away places. We had a list of a few places we wanted to hit: gravity hill, the abandoned stretch of turnpike, knoebels, the appalachian trail, and centrailia. We only hit up a few of those places, but it was well worth it.

Our first stop was when we drove past an old sign for a drive in movie theather. Naturally, we turned around, dodged some cars zipping down a highway, and made it to here:

Then our ways took us to Centrailia, PA. In the 1960s an underground coal mind fire started and has yet to cease. It is estimated to keep burning for about another hundred years because of the amount of coal underground. The town dwindled from roughtly 1000 residents in 1981, to 9 in 2007. Barely anything exists there, though hints of a town once abandoned are scattered throughout the area.

After all the seriousness of Centrailia, we sought to relax and enjoy pure joy at Knoebels, family fun amusement park. Seriously, probably the most fun I've had in years! They have camgrounds (to which we used to spend the night), swimming pools, water slides, roller coasters... and so much more.